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How To Use

       Shock / Initial Dose for Microbial Contaminated Fuel System
       Add 300ml Hydra Fuel Plus to 1,000 litres (1:3,000 – 300ppm) of fuel.
       Aircraft Only - Add 100ml to 1,000 litres (1:10,000 – 100ppm) of fuel.
       Refuelling / Maintenance Dose to Protect Clean Fuel System
       Add 100ml Hydra Fuel Plus to 1,000 litres (1:10,000 – 100ppm) of fuel on each refill.
       Aircraft Only - Add 50ml for each 1,000 litres (1:20,000 – 50ppm) of fuel.
       Before using Hydra FuelPlus, it’s recommended that you drain all the water from the tank first. When the storage tank is
       about one third full Hydra FuelPlus should be added. The Hydra FuelPlus will mix evenly with the rest of the fuel in the
       tank as the tank is filled up.
       Hydra FuelPlus will start working immediately on any wet sludge or residual water present in the fuel.
       The amount of Hydra FuelPlus to be added depends on the volume of the storage tank.
       To treat severe microbial and fungal contamination, where sludge is visible and technical malfunction are present such
       as filter blockage. Hydra FuelPlus SHOCK DOSE should be added to the fuel for the treatment. After 24 hours of Hydra
       FuelPlus treatment, the residual water if any and dead bio-sludge again should be drained off if possible.

       For extremely severe sludge formation, the fuel tank, fuel lines and filters need to be cleaned before using Hydra
       FuelPlus. Otherwise, in some case it may initially be necessary to change fuel filters more frequently as Hydra FuelPlus
       clears the bio-sludge from the system.
       If feasible fuel tanks should be cleaned. As with road vehicles, direct addition of Hydra FuelPlus may be impractical.
       The use of fuel treated with Hydra FuelPlus is therefore the preferred method of addition.

       Storage Tanks
       In order to optimise distribution of Hydra FuelPlus addition into a flowing fuel stream is preferred. Either sludge or
       continuous feed dosing can be used. It should be noted however that other methods of addition, such as dumping, will
       not affect the performance of Hydra FuelPlus.
       General Recommendations
       Fuel tanks being treated should be at least 10% full. Never add Hydra FuelPlus into an empty fuel tank. Do not exceed
       recommended dose levels for Hydra FuelPlus. Do not exceed 1,000ppm of Hydra Fuel Plus. Minimum Retention Time
       24 hours.
       NB: Hydra FuelPlus is not surface active. It will therefore encourage rather than inhibits water separation.
       Hydra FuelPlus is biodegradable and is non-persistent in the environment. Dilution to below effect levels will ensure its
       degradation - the greater the dilution factor the more rapid is the degradation. For guidance on approved discharge
       procedures contact Hydra International Ltd.
       Technical Advice
       Hydra International Ltd. have a Technical Services Department which can give advice on your particular application.

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