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       For Fuel Storage Hydra FuelPlus is the Practical         These tests prove the effectiveness of Hydra FuelPlus
       Solution to Fuel Quality Issues!                         at in use levels of only 100ppm.
       For customers who want to protect their hefty fuel        All of our products are manufactured to the highest
       investment, many of these issues can be solved by        specifications at our UK plant, which is accredited to
       Hydra FuelPlus which is an excellent fuel biocide        ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015 and ISO 45001:2018.
       additive! It has proven to be the economic solution for
       improving the quality of fuel and its properties.

       Hydra FuelPlus knocks out harmful microbes in Marine
       Fuels. Kills microbes completely within 24 hours, keeps
       protecting the treated fuel for up to 6 months.


                                                                When dosed appropriately, Hydra FuelPlus is extremely
                                                                effective for both the decontamination of heavily fouled
       Hydra FuelPlus is based upon dual isothiazolone          fuel systems and the prevention of future microbial
       chemistry and technology that has been proven to be      spoilage.
       highly effective against microbial growth for over 25    Biocide usage maintains the integrity of fuels at all
       years. Isothiazolones are registered under the ECHA      points during storage, distribution, and usage.
       European Biocides Directive, REACH and by the EPA in
       the USA.
       Hydra FuelPlus provides long term protection by
       preventing algae and fungi re-growth, which can also
       damage the fabric of the fuel tanks. Totally eradicates
       microbial growth in fuel systems.

                                                                Hydra FuelPlus, preserves your valuable fuel systems
                                                                to prevent machine malfunction, engine failures,
                                                                microbial induced corrosion, and impaired water
                                                                removal from storage tanks.

                                                                By preventing microbial growth Hydra FuelPlus
       Laboratory Tests
                                                                protects the fuel performance properties as well as
       Tests of Hydra FuelPlus have been taken against          specifications such as colour, heat of combustion, pour
       micro-organisms isolated from contaminated fuels i.e.               point, and cloud point.
       Pseudomonades, sulphate reducing bacteria and the        Also prevents fuel starvation damage to injectors and
       main source of the problem, fungi of the genus Candida,   engines.
       Cephalosporium, Penicillium and in particular
       Cladosporium res.

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